Steam Spa Therapy Services


Relieves sinus and lung congestion from colds, flu and allergies, a great prevention therapy. A sinus pressure-point and lymphatic massage to the face & head accompanies a massage to the upper back, neck and shoulders. This treatment also relieves aches and pains from sore muscles associated with colds and flu.


A luxurious, safe and effective way to treat the problem of sluggish, aging and environmentally damaged skin with out the risks of surgery. Using customized products that achieve the best possible response from your skin, the facelift treatment includes stimulating and vigorous massage techniques accompanied by warm moist towels. You will experience enhanced muscle tone and noticeable improvements to you skin after your first treatment.



Take care of those cold, tired hands and feet. Relax and melt into one of our big cozy chairs with a warm herbal wrap draped around your neck and shoulders. Start with your hands in a paraffin dip and your feet soaking in a copper basin lined with warmed river stones. Each footbath is customized just for you with a unique blend of essential oils. A salt scrub exfoliates your feet, and your treatment concludes with a rejuvenating hand and foot massage. In just half and hour, you'll be relaxed, recharged and ready for anything life has in store.